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Are you ready for


Professional Holistic

Mental Health Counseling  

in a private, restorative setting

with an experienced,

licensed master who listens

and has what it takes to help.




Contact me for an initial

90 minute consultation.

The fee for this first visit is 

$60 nonrefundable,  

paid at the time of booking.

This transaction

confirms your appointment

and takes place via Venmo.

Subsequent appointments can be paid at the time of service

 with cash, check, or Venmo.

I do not take insurance.

 No credit cards.

I do not have cash for change. 

Subsequent appointments are scaled at $1/minute. You choose how long or briefly you'd like to stay, according to your preferences. You may also book a phone appointment  or Skype

at the same rates.

Have a look around

This is not the "usual" clinical office. This place is special. You can feel it.  And I am not a typical counselor.

You will enter the realm of energy psychology, EFT (Emotionl Freedom Techniques), Reconnective Healing, music therapy, spiritual insight, elevating your consciousness to where healing takes place.


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