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What's troubling you? For a great many folks, anxiety is paramount. It seeps into every moment, draining your life force. I offer thoughts, tools, and techniques to not just quell the fear, but to see its value and

leverage that into greater peace.


Often paired with anxiety is depression. Or, just a "set point" of disconnection with life. Finding a sense of appreciation is difficult, and it all just feels like an endless burden. I'd like to hear your perspective and validate you for your legitimate disappointments.

And then I'd like to help you regain the joy that is inherently within you.


A lot of us struggle with how we see ourselves and conclude we're just not good enough. And self love? Well, we've been brainwashed into believing self love is selfish and wrong. Dis-ease, lack and unhappiness are the price we pay for this erroneous thinking. Let me help you get clarity on this:

Self love is your greatest power.  


I will transport you with vehicles you may not have known were available. We'll start with talk. We may also use energy psychology, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reconnective Healing, Flower Essences, music, herbs and food, Nature, Earthing, laughter, aromatherapy, movies, books, and of course

pure unconditional love.


Together we will begin to clear the clutter from your life. I will partner with you to create an understanding of how you can move forward, improving your physical health and well being. I'll offer my own insights and skills, along with what you can use independently:

 free resources. 




Come in for an initial 90 minute consultation.

The fee is $60 prepaid at the time of booking.

Once scheduled, this fee is nonrefundable.

Pay with the phone app Venmo.

I do not take insurance.

No credit cards.

Subsequent appointments are scaled at $1/minute.

You choose how long or briefly you'd like to stay, 

according to your preferences.

You may also book phone appointments 

at the same rates.


Ask through



This is a "shoes off" environment.

 Please be prepared

to leave your shoes at the door.


When would


be a good time?


Click on "Contact" (in the bar above) to send an email.

Or call for an appointment

that fits with your schedule.

And then let's begin rebooting your life into

what you really want.

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